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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

January seemed long to me. But we had some fun :) We are thinking of building a house soon, and that keeps me awake at night sometimes. I'm pretty excited about it and it makes me extra excited for the Parade of Homes coming up where I can get some ideas. We had our HOA meetings for our house and for out condo. Steve doesn't want to go to those, so I do. Now I am the Vice President of the HOA for our condo, haha! Steve hurt his ankle playing ward basketball. He loves playing but he's worried about getting more injuries :) I went to my cousin William's wedding this month. I am super happy for him.

Alexa lost her sixth tooth. She loves riding her bike to friends houses or exploring the hills behind our house. She has been letting me do her hair more often lately. She is very shy when someone is trying to talk to her who she doesn't know well. Maybe she is just taking "don't talk to strangers" very literally. There are a couple of boys from school who have a crush on her. Alexa excelled in her swim lessons this month.

Bennett does a lot of whining lately. And we're really working on "no means no." But he is certainly sweet sometimes. He is getting better at riding a big boy bike. He can even ride Alexa's bike. Bennett loves going to preschool and having play dates. He surprises me by what numbers and letters he has learned. Bennett enjoyed his swim lessons only the first few times, by the end he didn't even want to go... maybe because he had an owie on his foot or the water was too cold.

Caden can walk, but he chooses not to still. His personality is blooming. He is such a fun and silly boy. He is seeming more boy and less baby to me. He loves hot air balloons so much. We see them every morning on the way to take Alexa to school. He has actually lost a few ounces of weight between his 12-month and 15-month doctor appointments. Probably because I stopped nursing him and he moves around a lot more.

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Shelly Flake said...

I love reading your blogs. Thanks for keeping our family history. The kids are growing up way too fast.