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Monday, March 7, 2016

Bennett's Kidneys

So we had a bit of a scare with Bennett. The first week in February I noticed his urine was brown. I took him to the doctor on the 9th. We found out he had protien and blood in his urine. You're not supposed to have any of that in your urine. He had to have his blood taken and do a 24-hour urine test. The doctor still didn't know what was going on. There are a lot of bad things that can be happening in the body which makes your kidney not function properly, which is why you get protein in the urine. I was worried for sure.

Long story short, after a several tears(shed by me and Bennett), an ultrasound, two more urine tests,  another blood draw, and lots of prayers from our friends and family, the doctor still didn't know. By now it was the end of February. He consulted with the pediatric nephrologist at Primary Children's hospital in SLC. He wanted to see Bennett.

We drove up to Orem Thursday, March 3rd and spent the night at Steve's dad's house. We woke up early and dropped Caden and Alexa off at Aunt Julie's in Saratoga Springs. Steve and Uncle Brandon gave Bennett a blessing. We then drove to Primary Children's for Bennett's appointment. Bennett gave another urine sample. Then the doctor came in and went over all the things that happened in the past month. The good news came after they found out there was no protein in his urine that day!! That led the doctor to conclude that Bennett had mild post infection nephritis. That means that sometime in January he must have had a bit of strep infection that started the whole problem. Bennett is very lucky that his case was mild and that his blood pressure didn't go up too high leading to stroke or seizures.

So there was one other thing that it could have been and Bennett had to do one more blood draw before he left. We were able to get the results online the next day and they were negative, which is a good thing!!

We feel so blessed and so grateful for our friends and family for praying for Bennett all month!! I know Bennett was watched over and was healed by the faith of his loved ones! I love Bennett so much and I am so grateful that he is healthy now!

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