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Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

Caden is 18 months old! He weighed 24lbs 8oz, is 32" tall, and his head is 48cm. He uses a spoon well, follows directions when I ask him to do something, points a lot, uses his hands to gesture "I dunno", and he goes to nursery and does well.

I laugh when Bennett mixes up word meanings, he calls Staheli Farm "California" and he calls Del Taco "hot dog". He loves preschool and his friend Talon.

Alexa learned to whistle and now she whistles all day all around the house. She has enjoyed softball and is a good hitter! 

We enjoyed a nice picnic at the park with family.

Alexa enjoys making forts.

We enjoyed watching conference as a family.

I hit a curb and popped my tire, good thing it was under warranty! 

Alexa sure looks good out there on the softball field ;)

We had a neighborhood yard sale and the kids wanted to do a bake sale as well.

We went to the Kite Festival and enjoyed a beautiful day.

The boys are a little too attached to their blankies!

My dad helped us at our lot when the engineer came to test the soil. We are super excited to be getting closer to starting to build!

I love the view from our lot!

Bennett had a fun Preschool field trip to the Children's Museum.

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