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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

Caden is saying phrases like, "I do!" and "I wanna go in there". And when I get stopped at a red light he yells, "Go!" until it turns green. He does really well keeping up with Alexa and Bennett. They are good to play with him often. I'm so sad he's not a baby at all anymore!

Bennett is lucky and gets to have play dates all the time. He loves to have fun and is good at it. He also really likes computer and tablet games. I'm pretty sure that he still needs naps, or at least could use one most days. I hope he's getting enough sleep.

Alexa gets bored pretty easy, but after a few minutes of complaining about nothing to do, she gets wrapped up coloring, writing, or making something. She is getting much better at chores. I'm having the kids help me more with dinner chores and it has been a good change.

Steve and I have had some softball practices and will be starring coed softball with his dental office in June. We have been having a lot of meetings with people in preparating for building our house. The lot has been overexcavated and it's all ready for a house to be built on it, we're just waiting for the city for permits. Waiting is annoying!

Happy Mother's Day!

Park Buddies

Alexa and Bennett get to sleep in a "fort" occasionally.

Happy Birthday Mom!

 We got to babysit cousin Josh for a couple of days.

The boys love getting the mail, but they always fight over getting to open the box.

Fiesta Fun with Sean and Cari Sue's family.

Memorial Day BBQ with family.

Playdate picnic!

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