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Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016

We spent a lot of time in the water this month! There have been some very hot days!

We finally got the permits for our house. It took longer because we had to get a water drainage plan because our lot is against the mountain and has a slope. The finally dug for the footings on June 30! 

Steve and I have been enjoying our softball games with his office, it can be a lot of fun when you're not losing terribly! 

Alexa is enjoying time off of school. She gets bored pretty easy but always thinks of something to do after a few minutes. We've been doing the river and splash pads for play group. I had Alexa and Bennett both in swim lessons for a couple of weeks. Caden got to splash around in the kiddie pool while we would wait for them. He loves swimming and belly flops in the shallow water every chance he gets.

We had play group at the river.

Swimming at Uncle Art's pool with my cousin Darrell and his family.

We can really only play outside early in the morning.

We went swimming for Andrew's birthday party. The kids loved the rope swing and slide.

Father's Day dinner at Grandpa's house.

The kids walked to a yard sale with grandma and helped her plant some sun flowers.

Talon and Bennett were protecting princess Alexa with their ninja swords.

Swim lessons at the Washington City Community Center.

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