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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

July was great! We had all three of our reunions this month!

Our house finally got started! Steve enjoyed less days at work with the vacation time he took. He and I were on his dental office co-ed softball team. It was great fun to play, although it was quite hot! I had a lot of meetings to plan my house, my mom is great to take my kids often.

To beat the heat we had to figure out activities inside the house. I caved and let them bring wiggle cars in. They would ride around for hours and make tunnels and tents.

We played at the mall play area a couple of times when it was too hot for the park.
 My mom had us over for Pioneer Day dinner. The kids helped with the peach cobbler.
 The kids played Xbox Kinect alot to keep them busy. I like that it gets them a little exercise.

 We got creative and used large bins as swimming pools to keep cool.

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