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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

Our new house made a lot of progress this month! I go and see the house at least once a day. Usually after I drop Alexa off at school at 9am. I've been doing a lot of driving because I've started this kids at their schools that are where they'll go according to where our new house is. I drop Alexa off at 9 and later drop Bennett off at 10:30 on M, W, Th. Then I pick Bennett up at 2:30 and pick Alexa up at 3:30. I'm really hoping the house get's finished soon! It's a good thing it's only a 5 minute drive. I spend a lot of time trying to make decisions about finishes for the house. It is amazing how many things there are to think about. Steve starting a diet challenge with his brothers. He is very dedicated to eating well and counting calories. It's a little harder for me to think of dinner ideas :)

Alexa started school and made new friends quickly! Bennett started preschool at turned 4! Caden talks a lot and is a little parrot. He also screams A LOT! He has a very fun personality.

Doggy pile on daddy!
 Summer was getting too long and we built a giant slide down the stairs.
  Riding bikes at the park.
 Wiggle cars in the house, oh my!
 Play group at the river.
 They finished framing the house!

 Playing at the mall when it's too hot.
 The view from our future kitchen/dining room.
 The new house got windows!
 The kids chore chart to do before school.
 We hiked the mountain behind our new house.
 Riding the train at the mall.

 Splash pad play group.

 Bennett's friends birthday party.
 Girls night!

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Shelly Flake said...

The house and view look amazing!
So glad you've all had great friends in your area.