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Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016

Besides the big move and Christmas and all that... we were able to squeeze in a few things in December!

The kids helped rake leaves at my parent's house. My parents were great to have my kids over a lot this month for all the packing and moving.

Putting up Christmas lights with grandpa.

Our front door got painted, the house was almost done!
 The first night in our new house!
 We were blessed with a beautiful sunrise our first morning waking up at our new house. Steve was enjoying it while reading the scriptures on his phone.

 Ward Christmas party Santa visit.

 Putting a few ornaments on the tree one week before Christmas!

 The kids wanted me to take their picture with the kissing Christmas puppies.
 The kids went with the family to the Temple to see the nativity scene.
 Bennett had a fun Christmas party at preschool.
 My mom took the kids one day to the children's museum to see the new dinosaur room.

 The kids LOVED doing the 12 days of Christmas most of the nights that my mom was doing it. They loved doorbell ditching!
 I love my new office/mud room/laundry room/lego room.
 We got our Christmas cards sent out just a few days before Christmas!

We love our new home and the kids have done so well with the transition! They especially enjoyed all the treats and gifts we got from our family, friends, and new neighbors! We feel very blessed!

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Shelly Flake said...

Such a fun, busy month!