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Friday, December 9, 2016

Moving in to our New House!

It was a crazy month, but that's because OUR HOUSE WAS FINISHED!! We got our certificate of occupancy on Friday the 9th. But the contractor still had touch-ups to do. So I started moving small things over that would go into the cabinets. So after several trips a day for a few days I had all the stuff that goes into cabinets unpacked, including the kitchen! On Monday we had the walk through with the builder and on Tuesday they finished up the last items. I moved in all the bed and bathroom stuff on Wednesday and we spent the night in our new house that night!! On Thursday we brought over all the food and got the Bramble house ready to move furniture. On Friday we moved all the big stuff over with the help of Steve, my dad, and two of my cousins kids; Sebastian and Isaiah. They were quick and we got it all done before the elders quorum had a chance to help that evening! We love our new house and I have been sleeping SO much better at night now that the building process is over!

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Shelly Flake said...

It is beautiful! Thanks for housing our "extra" Christmas vacation visitors and opening your home for lots of game nights!