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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bennett's Scooter Accident

Poor Bennett had a pretty bad accident! He was riding our neighbor's little electric scooter, which he was actually not supposed to ride... He ran into the curb and flew off and landed on his chin on the sidewalk. I was in the kitchen when I heard the terrible sounds that no parent wants to hear. I got out to him and he was standing on the sidewalk with blood oozing out of his chin. I sat him on my lap and looked at his chin and I knew he would need stitches for sure. He was screaming, but paused to tell me there were rocks in his mouth (broken teeth!). I was trying to be calm and composed, but I had tears streaming down my face.

I got a hold of my dad who was just a few blocks away on a job and he came over and took Bennett and I to the InstaCare. My sweet neighbor girl stayed with Caden and Alexa at my house until my mom got there. Steve beat us to the InstaCare and got Bennett Checked in. Bennett calmed down a bit while waiting after we cleaned all the blood off of his face. Bennett got 6 stitches, the doctor was quite slow and Bennett was having a really hard time holding still... We were there from about 5:30 to 7.

The next day I took him to the pediatric dentist to check his teeth. After quite a struggle, they got some x-rays and found he had broken all four molars and chipped a few other teeth toward the back. He also sent us to an oral surgeon to get a panoramic x-ray to check if his jaw bone was OK. It turns out that his jaw was fractured as well. Bennett was put on a soft-foods-only diet. He has to wait 3 to four weeks before they can do surgery to fix his teeth.

It was really sad and rough!!! But we are so grateful for wonderful family and neighbors who helped and brought treats and dinners!

Bennett waiting at the InstaCare

It was a really deep cut!

He could barely smile a couple of days after because of his swollen cheeks. He ate a lot of soggy cereal.

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