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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017

January was nice, we loved being in our new home. We had some snow one day that the kids loved! Steve had to park his car down on the street the night before when it started snowing so that he wouldn't have to go down our steep driveway in the morning for work. Good thing we live in St. George and he'll only have to do that once a year or less. My dad helped us in our back yard a lot. We've hired him to basically do everything that needs to be done back there. It's going to look great!

Everyone except for Steve got a really bad cold/fever at the end of January. It was not fun at all! On January 25 Bennett had a bad scooter accident and hurt his chin really bad. (separate blog post) He fractured his jaw, broke his 4 molars, and had to get 6 stitches. It was really sad!! Alexa got first prize in her category in her school art contest. Caden keeps growing too fast and is really fun to have around :)

Alexa loves her dance class.

Poor sick Caden.

My dad doing some work in our back yard.

Biking in the neighborhood on a sunny day.

The kids dressed up on mom and dad's clothes. 

We finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family. (We each read a verse in every chapter)

A trip to Fiesta Fun is what the kids wanted as a reward for finishing the Book or Mormon.

Enjoying s'mores around our fire pit!


The whole week that Caden was sick, all he wanted to do was to be held. Poor guy!

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Shelly Flake said...

We can't wait for it to warm up so we can come and enjoy your backyard and roast a s'more!