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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

The kids enjoyed their valentines parties this year. I was glad that they seemed to have less candy than usual :) We also loved having our Taylor cousins spend a week with us!

Caden has been a terrible sleeper since the bad cold he had last month. I hope to one day sleep through an entire night again. He sure has a funny personality though and I love his snuggles.

Bennett had a lot of playdates this month. He's made a lot of new friends. We started a park play group in the ward. Bennett saw the Oral Surgeon again who said Bennett's jaw is getting a lot better. Bennett also had a preschool field trip to the dentist office.

Alexa started in her Lego League at school and is enjoying it. She loves dance and playing xbox kinect games with Bennett.

I went to a few fun girls lunch dates. My dad has been working hard in our back yard and we now have grass! We also got pickleball lines painted on our sports court. I am enjoying my calling with the Mia Maids.

Steve had his brother's weekend and birthday! Work is going well and he is such a great dad and plays with the kids all the time.

Alexa and Steve got to go up to Cedar Hills for Marinn's Baptism! Alexa loved the extra time to be with cousins!

Alexa had a music class performance at her school. She got to play lots of instruments and do some dancing as well.

 Parent observation day at dance.
 Alexa took some things to sell to her 2nd grade market.
 We got grass!!

 Park play date with friends.
 Spaghetti faces!
Pretty sky and fire pit.
 Alexa's valentines party.

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