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Monday, June 5, 2017

San Diego Trip - Monday Zoo Day

We experienced June Gloom the first 4 days of our trip which was actually perfect! It was cloudy and about 70 degrees all day! Perfect for visiting the zoo and theme parks!

On Monday we were ready for the day by 8 so we headed to Waterfront Park and let the kids play around. We saw some neat ships and even one from Columbia that had tons of singing sailors on the sails. We got to the zoo when it opened and saw tons of animals. We found that Caden isn't very interested in the animals but he liked climbing on things and finding the signs that had the pictures of the animals on them. Bennett and Alexa's favorite were the gorillas. We all loved the double-decker bus ride and the sky tram.

Around 3 or so we left to head to the hotel. The kids swam and played checkers. We then went to see mission beach and ate dinner at an Italian place. It was a fun day!

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