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Monday, July 31, 2017

July 2017

We started off the summer really busy all the way through mid July. The second half of July was much slower paced. We swam at Uncle Kelly's house a few times, went to splash pads, and the kids had a lemonade stand several days.

Steve is now the Young Men's president in the ward and I am now Valiant 10A teacher as well as activity days leader for 10 &11 y.o. girls. I went on a fun girls night up to a cabin in Pine Valley. We also finally got a lawyer to make us a trust and put our properties into an llc.

The kids had one week of a day camp at our neighbors house. Alexa has also been taking pickleball lessons twice a week. They've also had a lot of play dates and maybe a little too much screen time!

Alexa got her hair cut and donated it to Locks of Love! Her new look is so cute!

After we built our house, suddenly all the lots around us are being built on. We'll soon have 6 new neighbors! There have been a lot of big trucks around for the boys to watch.

Steve took the youth to early morning baptisms and to Kneaders after.

Bennett learned to make his bed!

Laser Tag! Caden can barely stand up with the gear on!
They loved doing the lemonade stand, even in the super hot weather!

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